Before starting the game, click on the button below to find out which cow you will be playing with!

We collected the activity data from Hallie’s collar this morning. Take a look! 

To figure out what Hallie is doing this morning, we can calculate the sum of her activity data. To do this, we will use the Trinket software. 

Eoin, a PhD student in VistaMilk in Computer Science is here to give you a short Trinket demonstration! Watch the video below to find out more!

The first step is to create the variables associated with each activity data of Hallie. In coding, a variable is an object with a name. 

Have a look at the Trinket below. Using Hallie’s activity data, we have created the first two variables for you already. They are called Activity 1 and Activity 2. Now it’s your turn to create the other four variables. These will be called Activity 3, Activity 4, Activity 5 and Activity 6. Good luck!

To find out what the cow is doing, we can ask the farmer, but we can also use a collar that is a kind of Fitbit for cows as it collects activity data. Then, our researcher at VistaMilk collect and process the activity data to find out what the cow is doing. You don't even have to look at them anymore! In the game, it is your role to find out what one of our Irish cow is doing, using the activity data from the collar that we have collected for you, and a bit of coding!
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